Facebook medical support groups: the communication privacy management perspective

Carmel Avizohar, Tali Gazit and Noa Aharony
Emerald Publishing Limited

Purpose – Exploring the considerations that guide and influence members of Facebook medical support groups to disclose private information. Design/methodology/approach – The sample included 293 participants, aged 18–85 years, who answered an online survey, 155 members of Facebook medical support groups and 138 members of other Facebook groups. Findings – Members of medical support groups attach greater importance to privacy policy, give greater value to privacy and reveal more private information, compared to members of other groups. Members of medical support groups tend to feel that they receive more support and feel that the privacy policy preserves their privacy much more. These feelings are associated with greater self-disclosure of groups’ members. Originality/value – The research insights will help medical support groups’ members and admins to put into action the fundamental right to privacy and build a set of rules tailored to their individual and group needs.

תאריך עדכון אחרון : 09/06/2022