Year Student Advisor
2021 A model for predicting citation enhancement PhD Weinberger, Maor Prof. Zhitomirsky-Geffet Maayan
2021 Communication privacy management process (CPM theory) in medical support groups on Facebook MA Avizohar, Carmel Prof. Aharony Noa , Dr. Dr. Tali Gazit
2021 Motivation for self-disclosure and disclosing personal information in public and private Facebook groups of people with mental illnesses PhD Rothschild, Nava Prof. Aharony Noa
2020 "It took you three years to learn how to return a book to the shelf?" : school, public and academic librarians' : professional self-perception in regards to the librarianship/information science status MA Ayalon, Ayelet Prof. Aharony Noa
2020 Deep blue : Israel national police facing the cyber threat MA Admoni, Achia Prof. Zhitomirsky-Geffet Maayan
2020 Effect of gestalt psychology principles use on GUI operation PhD Katsur, Irit Associate Prof. Bergman Ofer
2020 Effect of smartphone applications management on their retrieval MA Perrodin, Yedidia Associate Prof. Bergman Ofer
2020 Information behavior among parents to premature babies MA Ben-Yehuda, Eyal Prof. Bronstein Jennyead
2020 Information searching behavior of Israeli people : the tourism perspective MA Maman, Keren Prof. Aharony Noa
2020 Journey through time to Jerusalem : content analysis of Jerusalem description in Jewish travel literature throughout the ages : a case study of historical research in digital humanities MA Yosef, Ganit Dr. Prebor Gila
2020 Leader behaviors in virtual support groups : a case study of Israeli support groups on Facebook MA Eitan, Tal Dr. Dr. Tali Gazit
2020 Personal information management of music collections MA Tish, Gidon Associate Prof. Bergman Ofer
2020 Yad Vashem collection of memorial books : bibliographical, historical and statistical aspects MA Yisrael, Merav Dr. Prebor Gila
2019 Browser search hijackers MA Shai Shlomo Eistein Prof. Zhitomirsky-Geffet Maayan
2019 Development of a data model for retrievel and analysis system of results from quantitane studies in social sciences MA Shir, Hilel Associate Prof. Bergman Ofer
2019 Discrimination and implicit bias against women in the academy PhD Cooper Tzippi Prof. Aharony Noa
2019 Information avoidance among people saving up for retirement in Israel MA Perlov, Maor Associate Prof. Bergman Ofer
2019 Information Practice of Human Resource Managers and Recruiters PhD Ouaknine, Yohanan Simon Prof. Aharony Noa
2019 Legal information seeking behavior of Israeli advocates : a mixed-method reseaerch PhD Solomon, Yosef Prof. Bronstein Jennyead
2019 Optimizing OCR Error Correction of Historical Newspapers in Hebrew using Neural Networks and Crowdsourcing MA Omri Suissa Prof. Zhitomirsky-Geffet Maayan
2019 אפליה והטיות סמויות נגד נשים באקדמיה PhD קופר, ציפי Prof. Aharony Noa
2019 פיתוח מודל לוגי לייצוג אונטולוגיות מרובות דעות ותיאוריות MA Avidan, Golan Prof. Zhitomirsky-Geffet Maayan
2018 Adapting the process of public symbol creation and comprehensibility testing to people with intellectual disabilities according to ISO 22727: 2007 and ISO 9186-1:2014 MA Ganot, Sharon Dr. Prebor Gila
2018 Impact of personality characteristics on personal information security PhD Reich, Nurit Prof. Aharony Noa
2018 Implementing information literacy into Israeli primary school teaching and learning processes : a case study PhD Ben-Amram, Sigal Prof. Aharony Noa , Prof. Bar-Ilan Judit z'l