A three-year program toward Bachelor of Arts Degree, in two specializations :


Internet Technologies

The primary goal of this specialization is to provide the students with a thorough knowledge of the novel aspects of information technologies related to the Internet.

The advent of the internet has radically changed the way users view and use information, and as a result of free access to very vast quantities of information Internet users suffer from information overload thus there is a growing need for highly qualified Web masters, portal and forum managers who will make these information resources readily available for the users.

The curriculum focuses on information technologies: information representation on the Internet, introduction to programming, digital content management, information retrieval, web mining, databases, computer communications and information security. In addition students are exposed to the basics of information science: information organization, data retrieval and to the dynamics of the information industry, marketing, e-commerce and trends in Internet research.


Information Science

Information science is an interdisciplinary domain concerned with information: organization,
dissemination, seeking retrieval and processing.

The primary goal of this specialization is to train information professionals to be employed in commercial and industrial companies, organizations and in libraries. As a result of the advent of the Internet there is an increased need for information professionals with a thorough understanding of the new technologies, search languages and organization of information of all types including print, electronic information, audio and video.

The courses in this specialization include: foundations of information science, introduction to
information sources and skills, classification, basic skills in a computer environment, introduction to data management, online information search, databases in the social sciences, information center and library management and digital libraries.