Ongoing Research projects

Project: E-democracy on the Internet

Researchers: Prof. Judit Bar-Ilan, Dr. Noa Aharony,
Dr. Jenny Bronstein

In collaboration with: Prof. Oren Peres, Prof. Yair Amichai-Hamburguer

Description: The aim of the study was to find ways to improve and reinforce the level of citizen engagement in the democratic process through the use of the Internet and social networks.

Funded by: Ministry of Science and Technology.


Project: Information Seeking Behavior of Parents with Chronically-Ill Children.

Researchers:Dr. Jenny Bronstein

In collaboration with: Dr. Deborah Feldman

Description: This qualitative study examines the information seeking behavior of religious parents caring for chronically -ill children. The study aims to identify their information source preferences, the obstacles they face when looking for information about their child's illness as well as other elements of their information behavior such as avoidance of information.


Towards the Ontopedia for Historical Hebrew Manuscripts

Researchers: Dr. Gila Prebor and Dr. Maayan Zhitomirsky-Geffet

Description: The aim of the research is to develop a framework for building a dynamic web-based encyclopedia (ontopedia) for post-medieval Hebrew manuscripts based on a rich ontology.


Project: Changes in User Rankings for Search Results

Researchers: Prof. Judit Bar-Ilan and Dr. Maayan Zhitomirsky-Geffet

In collaboration with: Prof. Mark Levin


Project: Information Consolidation: A New Paradigm in Knowledge Search

Researchers: Prof. Judit Bar-Ilan

In collaboration with: Project coordinated by Ido Dagan and Iryna Gurevitch. Funded by: DIP (German-Israeli Project Cooperation)


Project: Catalogue of the Paris Rabbinical Seminary’s Manuscript Collection

Researchers: Gila Prebor 

In collaboration with: Colette Sirat

Description: The new catalogue of the Paris Rabbinical Seminary’s manuscript collection is part of a larger project which aims to create modern catalogues of the Hebrew manuscripts in French libraries. These catalogues will present these manuscripts vividly to readers and provide comprehensive context that will draw the reader into the history of the manuscripts and of the people who publish and preserve manuscripts.


Project: Living in a Small World: Investigating the Information Behavior of Segregated Populations in Israel.

Researchers: Dr. Jenny Bronstein

Description: The purpose of the study is to examine and to understand different elements of the information behavior of populations living in the outskirts of Israeli society. Based on the principles of Chatman's theories of normative behavior and an information poverty the study will investigated the information seeking patterns, information source preferences and the obstacles encountered by these populations.


Project: Crowdsourcing for Multi-Viewpoint Ontologies

Researchers:Dr. Maayan Zhitomirsky-Geffet and Prof. Judit Bar-Ilan

In collaboration with: Eden Erez

Description: The link to the project site:


Project: Information Poverty in Electronic Environments

Researchers: Dr. Jenny Bronstein

Description: This project investigates reflections and conditions of information poverty in different electronic environments such as discussion forums. For example, the study investigated how users of a discussion forum for people suffering from OCD seek and share information on the forum as a way to alleviate their condition.


Project: Towards a Generic Ontology for Agriculture

Researchers:Dr. Maayan Zhitomirsky-Geffet and Prof. Judit Bar-Ilan

In collaboration with:Dr. Amotz Hetzroni, Dr. Gilad Ravid, Dr. Adir Miller, Dr. Lior Pink, Dr. Anat Goldstein, Dr. Leonid Bekman, Shai Meital

Description: This project is part of Center for Information in Agriculture– Mapping and Outline.

Funded by: The Israeli Ministry of Agriculture.


Project: Women in Academia
Researchers: Dr. Aharony Noa and Prof. Bar-Ilan Judit

In collaboration with: Prof. Sharon Rabin-Margalio (IDC herzliya)

Description: Revealing the Implicit Bias Assessing the Scope of the Problem & Possible Solutions.

Funded by: Ministry of Science and Technology


Project: Ontology-Based Retrieval of Hebrew Proverbs

Researchers:Dr. Maayan Zhitomirsky-Geffet and Dr. Gila Prebor

In cooperation with: Orna Bloch and Pavel Katz

Description: The link to the project site:

Funded by: Barzilay foundation


Project: Longitudinal Analysis of Journal Publications in the Social Sciences and in the Humanities from Multiple Aspects.

Researchers:Prof. Judit Bar-Ilan

Funded by: the ISF (Israel Science Foundation)


Project: Relation-Based Ontology Matching and Unification

Researchers:Dr. Maayan Zhitomirsky-Geffet

Description: This research aim is to maximize inter-ontological agreement and unification by means of relation-based matching as opposed to entity-based matching.