Dr. Hasgall Alon

Hasgall Alon
502/4, Room 13
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Wednesday, By Appointment


Ph.D-  Department of Information Sciences, Bar Ilan University.Doctoral Thesis: Knowledge Working and Complex Adaptive Systems in Israel, 2004.


M.A- Social Psychology, Department of Sociology and Anthropology, Bar Ilan University, 1992. 


B.A- Psychological, Sociological and Anthropological Studies, Department of Human Behavior, Ben Gurion University of the Negev, 1988.      


Senior lecturer at:

  1. Bar-Ilan University, Information Studies.

      2. “Sarnat” Business Administration school, The center of Academic Studies.


  • President - The Israeli Ineternet Association

  • Business consultant . Specialized consulting to implement social digital technologies, knowledge management and management of knowledge workers.

  • Army reserved lieutenant Colonel - Home Front Command/Civil Intelligence.


  • Member of committee:

          - Ministry of Education, Government of Israel - Program Committee Member of "scientific information". - Evaluation Committee


            Member - Association "Young Entrepreneurs".


         - The digital divide - Consultation Committee by the Minister of Finance, Government of Israel.


        - Member in the reviewing panel of the journal VINE – The journal of information and knowledge management systems, leads by


          Prof WB Lee and Dr Frada Burstein.





Major research:


Keywords:   Knowledge Management, Knowledge workers, Complex adaptive systems, Digital Social technology/Applications. Organizational Assimilation and Adaptation.
  • Complex adaptive systems, organization of knowledge management, knowledge workers.
  • The impact of digital technology on human behavior and organizational behavior
  • The effective use of digital applications in organizations
  • Integration of digital technology in organizations.


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Course no. 35-713: Organizational Behavior