Year Title Type Student Lecturer
2005 Attitudes of teachers in an Academic College Towards Information Technologies and Their Contribution to Improving Teaching Process MA Yosef Leah Baruchson-Arbib Shifra
2004 The Future of the Printed Book in the Information Society- Evaluation among Faculty Members and Students MA Badihi Dikla Baruchson-Arbib Shifra
2004 Internet and traditional media news- a comparative analysis of use patterns among students MA Bakshi Zvika Baruchson-Arbib Shifra
2004 Registered Nurses` Attitudes Toward Working With Computers Ph.D Gonen Ayala Shoham Snunith
2004 Information Management and Organization in a Big Hign- Tech Company Q versus a Start-up Company U: Case study MA Hakak Anat Shoham Snunith
2004 "Knowledge Working" and Complex Adaptive Organizations in Israel Ph.D Hasgall Alon Shoham Snunith
2004 Printed Publications in the Hebrew Alphabet in Eretz-Israel, 1577-1923: Bibliographical, Cultural and Socio-Economic Aspects Ph.D Kandelshein Ester Baruchson-Arbib Shifra
2004 Information Sources Used in Master Theses in Nursing During 1986-2002: a Citation Analysis MA Kloner-Margalit Irit Yitzhaki Moshe
2004 The Use of Storytelling in Knowledge Management Among Knowledge Manages in Israel MA Kuchuk Tally Bouhnik Dan
2004 B2B e- commerce web sites analysis as a strategy supportive tool MA Meir Ronit Shoham Snunith
2004 The implementation of the "data warehouse" architecture,as a solution for creating access to multi-dimensional information in Israeli business organizations MA Nadler Sharon Bouhnik Dan
2004 The Academic Library- From Electronic Library to a Learning Center Ph.D Roitberg Nurit Shoham Snunith
2004 The contribution of virtual forums to locatung and focusing information MA Rudashevsky Nelly Bouhnik Dan
2004 The effect of training methods on perceptions and intended use of bioinformatics tools Ph.D Shachak Aviv Fine Sarah
2004 Usage patterns of printed and digital information sources among dentists in Israel MA Sheier Vered Baruchson-Arbib Shifra
2004 The Attitudes of Israeli High School Librarians Towards Library Collection Censorship MA Shrabi Yossi Yitzhaki Moshe
2004 An evaluation model for structural memory using ontologies Ph.D Weinberger Hadas
2003 A Profile of Users of Public Music Libraries in Israel MA Abarbanel-Zuroff Yael Getz Irit
2003 Specialty Meta-Search Engine for the Academic Community Ph.D Aharoni Yaffa
2003 The Role of the High- School Library Media Specialist as Perceived by Israeli High-School Librarians, Teachers and Principals- Vision vs Reality Ph.D Ansenberg Dania Yitzhaki Moshe
2003 Website for patient- In the service of hospitals content analysis, needs and characterizeations in Israel North American and UK MA Booch Meirav
2003 Distance Learning: Thinking Style Influence on Learning Functions in Technological- Virtual Environment MA Carmi Golan Bouhnik Dan
2003 The Condition and Functioning of Regional Library Branchesin Israel: An Evaluative Study MA Kochen Amalia Shoham Snunith
2003 The shift from Business Information to Business Intelligence; "BIC ( Business Information Center) Online" at Israel Aircraft Industries: a case study MA Luria Ruth Shoham Snunith
2003 Communication, Technology and Educatio- The Role of the Discussion Group in Asynchronic Distance-Learning Courses as a Beneficial Factor in the Learning Process MA Marcus Tali Bouhnik Dan