Year Title Type Student Lecturer
2007 Knowledge management as a mechanism for large-scale technological and organizational change management in universities in Israel Ph.D Perry Milly Shoham Snunith
2007 Incitement and propaganda of Islamic Terror organizations on the internet MA Sade Yair Bouhnik Dan
2007 Characterization of the preferred personalization model for digital library serving nursing school students Ph.D Shemesh Moshe
2007 Characterization of the preferred personalization model for digital library serving nursing school students Ph.D Shemesh, Moshe
2007 The empowerment of mothers through the internet MA Vakselboum - Chen Meital
2006 Identifying positions among Tel Aviv University's Sourasky Central Library employees with respect to the Library`s mission and objectives MA Rosen Idit Baruchson-Arbib Shifra
2006 The use of computer mediated communication for increasing motivation and improving acquisition of English as a foreing language in high school Ph.D Amer Ahmad Fine Sarah
2006 Customization and personalization of academic library portals MA Greenberg Rivka Bar-Ilan Judit
2006 Aliyah from North America and information needs MA Kaufman- Strauss Sarah Shoham Snunith
2006 Using blogs for learning MA Levy Ofer Bouhnik Dan
2006 American cyber security policy versus the potential threat to civil rights MA Menashri Harel Baruchson-Arbib Shifra
2006 Blogs as genre: Hebrew blogs profile mapping MA Paz Natalie Bouhnik Dan
2006 Libraries in a multicultural society : public libraries' services to Ethiopian Israelis and Russians [i.e. Russian] Issraelis Ph.D Rabinovich, Rachel Shoham Snunith
2006 The academy's deployment of the issue of information ethics in 1995-2005 MA Steinberg Haya Baruchson-Arbib Shifra
2006 Preferences of older persons in using computer or internet: research among older learners MA Weiss Inbal Baruchson-Arbib Shifra
2006 The public library whereto? New monumental buildings of libraries in the age of the Internet and new information technologies Ph.D Yablonka Israela Shoham Snunith
2005 Israeli educational internet sites for children: content analysis and evaluation MA Amir Sharon Baruchson-Arbib Shifra
2005 Finding and analyzing the knowledge needs in a financial organization- case study MA Atias Konforti Miri Shoham Snunith
2005 Information and correct nutrition self help literature analysis 1984-2004 MA Ben- Tsur Ronit Baruchson-Arbib Shifra
2005 The Jewish studies scholar as information user: channel of information and information-seeking behavior Ph.D Bronstein Jenny Baruchson-Arbib Shifra
2005 The Effects of e-learning on knowledge management : an organizatinal perspective MA Cohen Liran Bouhnik Dan
2005 Hypertext in electronic books for children MA Dahary- Herskovits Tarshish Bouhnik Dan
2005 Internet and e-commarce impact on procedures inside supply chain (SCM) MA Egozin Yossi Bouhnik Dan
2005 The ISO 9001: 2000 teken as a base for knowledge managemnet MA Hazan Efrat Bouhnik Dan
2005 Characteristics for content design in commercial web sites in Israel MA Heiman Miky Bouhnik Dan