Year Title Type Student Lecturer
2008 Web 2.0 contribution to students learning MA Gordon, Natalia Bouhnik Dan
2008 Categorized and controlled search engine: a prototype MA Gutman, Shmuel Bouhnik Dan
2008 Cyber-paganism: internet usage patterns among Israeli neo-pagan believers MA Korbet, Rinat Bouhnik Dan
2008 Hebrew morphology: models and methods used in search engines MA Margalit, Efraim Bouhnik Dan
2008 Interlibrary loans and academic research: the differences between users and non-users and factors affecting satisfaction with outcomes Ph.D Porat Lynne Fine Sarah
2008 The influence of organizational, structural and managerial features on librarians’ empowerment: libraries network in Modi’in-Maccabbim-Reut: a case study MA Rochman, Eva Shalom Nira
2008 Business information dissemination processes within industrial organizations in Israel : communication media selection land the formal versus informal usage of these media Ph.D Talnir, Leah Shoham Snunith
2008 Automated assessment of the quality of wikis'content : a user study Ph.D Yaari, Eti Baruchson-Arbib Shifra
2008 Contribution of fairy tales to the socialization of sex/gender identity in children aged of kindergarten MA Yavorsky, Irina Shalom Nira
2008 The factors affecting the relationship between scientific productivity and email use among university scholars Ph.D Zimmerman Eric Bar-Ilan Judit
2007 The connection between the book parade and vocabulary enrichment in 3rd grade pupils MA Asulin Pnina Yitzhaki Moshe
2007 The relationship between engineers’ information needs and information use with respect to the organizational culture: a case study MA Avda-David, Michal Bar-Ilan Judit
2007 The internet’s information gift-economy: technological and sociological aspects Ph.D Belous, Yifat Baruchson-Arbib Shifra
2007 Patterns of use of digital and printed information sources in Higher Education institutions in Israel Ph.D Beno David Yitzhaki Moshe
2007 Participation in a virtual learning enviroment as facilitating the enhancement of intellectual thinking dispositions Ph.D Carmi, Golan
2007 Self-efficacy and the internet job search: The role of internet self-efficacy, job search self-efficacy ,and social support in the internet job search Ph.D De La Fuenta Shoshana Shoham Snunith
2007 Topical search engine personalization: a prototype model MA Druskin Rachel Bouhnik Dan
2007 The process of information quality assessment in web information behavior Ph.D Fink-Shamit Noa Bar-Ilan Judit
2007 The changes in the role of the academic library and the librarian as a case study to the transformation from the analog society to the digital society MA Foyer Gedalia Bouhnik Dan
2007 Information behaviors of Mobility - Disabled on the internet MA Galam Carmit Shalom Nira
2007 Israeli news sites in Russian language: evaluation and comparison to news sites in Hebrew MA Gopshtein Svetlana Shoham Snunith
2007 Israeil news sites in Russian language: evaluation and comparison to news sites in Hebrew MA Gopshtein Svetlana
2007 Promoting knowledge management through the formal aspects of the organization MA Greenwald Israel Bouhnik Dan
2007 The enterprise organizational potal as crane for improvement processes at work in a cellular company: case study MA Kanias Eran Bouhnik Dan
2007 Ringhts & social services for the third age awareness to the needs of information by adults [ i.e. adult] children between the ages 40-60 ( the sandwich generation) regarding their elderly parents MA Kanias Snir Bouhnik Dan