Year Title Type Student Lecturer
2011 The impact of task phrasing on the choice of search keywords and on the search success of inexperienced internet searchers Ph.D Barsky, Elena Bar-Ilan Judit
2011 igital readiness assessment of "Gav Ha’har" settlements in Samaria MA Djuraev, Simcha Yitzhaki Moshe
2011 ‫The affect of the information era on an isolated society MA Gofer, Amiram Shoham Snunith
2011 Personal knowledge management by university faculty in an IT enhanced environment MA Neuthal, Tami
2011 Social support within virtual communities for parents of children with autism MA Nimny, Anna Shoham Snunith
2011 Patterns of adopting technological innovations into teaching, and its relation to the academic culture of Israeli higher education institutions Ph.D Pieterse, Efrat
2011 The perception of virtual talkbacks among internet users MA Razon, Ayelet Shalom Nira
2011 The perception of virtual talkbacks among internet users MA Razon, Ayelet Shalom Nira
2011 Query formulation and reformation in various information retrieval systems for academic purposes MA Shen-Aridor, Shelly Bar-Ilan Judit
2011 Lehava project: development, operation & satisfaction MA Simon, Avishai Baruchson-Arbib Shifra
2011 Utilization of the internet by physicians in Israel for medical purposes MA Sne, Galit Bouhnik Dan
2011 The use of cognitive attention in personal information retrieval - navigation compared with search MA Tene-Rubinstein, Maskit Bergman Ofer
2011 The impact of structured discussion forums of learning by computer science students Ph.D Tibi, Moanes Fine Sarah
2011 Information retrieval from online medical information sources by nursing students whose mother tongue is not English Ph.D Zafrir, Hanna Baruchson-Arbib Shifra
2011 Classification and indexing in Yeshiva libraries: analysis of the systems, their sources and development MA Zitter, Nachum
2010 Traditional classroom teaching enhanced with a web complement MA Cern, Dan Bouhnik Dan
2010 Providing information literacy skills to student teachers: a comparison between the course "Academic reading and writing skills" and the "Information literacy online tutorial MA Cohen, Ofra Yitzhaki Moshe
2010 The reciprocity between learning-content management system (LCMS) and the assessment of learners in e-learning courses Ph.D Eyal, Liat
2010 Information behavior of advisers at Citizens Advice Bureaux in Israel: case study MA Finzi, Sharon
2010 A quantitative and qualitative analysis of "adult relationship forums" in Israel, France & England : a comparative study MA Gil, Mai Yitzhaki Moshe
2010 Usability of Israeli ministry websites MA Gilkis, Nitzan Bouhnik Dan
2010 Virtual community characteristics of the hearing-impaired MA Heber, Meital Shoham Snunith
2010 Quality, consistency and descriptive cataloguing policy : the cataloguing of Hebrew langauage monographs in selected Israeli university libraries Ph.D Kedar, Rochelle Shoham Snunith
2010 On-line social networks: study on twitter in Israel MA Rosenberg, Meir Bouhnik Dan
2010 Developing a collection policy for a national archive of free Israeli internet sites Ph.D Shveiky, Rivka Bar-Ilan Judit