Year Title Type Student Lecturer
2014 Examining the scope of smart device use for academic needs and examining factors contributing to academic use of smart devices MA Yom-Tov, Alona Baruchson-Arbib Shifra
2014 Information retrieval by users in archival information systems : search terms selection patterns Ph.D Zolotarevsky-Bear, Masha Schenkolewski-Kroll Silvia
2013 Content analysis of Talkbacks in articles dealing with elderly’s abuse, violence and neglect MA Cooper, Tzipi Aharony Noa (Head of Department)
2013 File sharing in retrieval perspective MA Falk, Noa Bergman Ofer
2013 Neural correlates of searching vs. navigating MA Glazer, Liv Bergman Ofer
2013 Changes in students’ coping with stress and uncertainty during the process of information seeking and writing a research paper : the contribution of attachment style Ph.D Goldman, Tova Shoham Snunith
2013 Collection development in Torah libraries : Censorship aspects MA Gordon, David
2013 The academic library and the faculty : a mixed method study of mutual perceptions Ph.D Klain-Gabbay, Liat Shoham Snunith
2013 Competitive intelligence sub-system in the organization : examination of the process effectiveness starting from data gathering stage till the consolidation of the intelligence assessment : The reciprocity between the information prefessionals / analysts Ph.D Klumel, Anat
2013 Anonymity and self- disclosure in infertility blogs MA Knoll, Maria Bronstein Jenny
2013 Real-estate ontology construction for market trend detection and user behavior analysis on the Israeli real-estate web sites MA Maman, Yigal
2013 Social media recruiting and online personal reputation evaluation by recruiters in Israel MA Ouaknine, Yohanan Bronstein Jenny
2013 The National Library collections : historical research, a sample representation and recommendations for future collections MA Richler Grebler, Gali Prebor Gila
2013 Information behavior of journalists : the ways in which journalists cope with information challenges MA Salinger, Orit Bar-Ilan Judit
2012 Characterizing iPhone web surfing patterns MA Abramitzky, Tali
2012 Open minded to open content?: an examination of Israeli teachers’ attitudes to using Wikipedia for educational purposes MA Alon, Gadi Bar-Ilan Judit
2012 Aspects of information and perception in the interrelationships between public libraries and associated library-related organizations in Israel MA Alon, Lea Shalom Nira
2012 The moral judgment of adolescents in a virtual environment Ph.D Deshen, Mor
2012 Tags vs. folders in personal information management Ph.D Gardovitch, Noa
2012 From public library to social activity center : attitudes of the public and of the library directors about social activities in the libraries Ph.D Hetz, Hanna Baruchson-Arbib Shifra
2012 Empowering fibromyalgia patients using information MA Kanias, Ya’ara Shalom Nira
2012 The high-learn system in Bar-Ilan University, its usage and the contribution to the students MA Mazor, Nimrod Bouhnik Dan
2012 Cataloging with the great satan : American influence on librarianship and library studies in Iran Ph.D Rotem-Nir, Shiri Shoham Snunith
2012 The effect of the social network site Facebook on the Egyptian revolution 2011 MA Shpiner, Shirley Bronstein Jenny
2012 The construction of a bilingual Hebrew-English thesaurus for archives in Israel based on information and knowledge presentation technology Ph.D Tractinsky, Assaf Schenkolewski-Kroll Silvia