Year Title Type Student Lecturer
2017 Forecasting and risk analysis in welfare institutions Using a dedicated expert system MA Zadok, Avital Zhitomirsky-Geffet Maayan
2017 The Effects of WhatsApp Usage on Working Memory Performance among Youth Aged 12-17 MA Zion, Avi Aharony Noa (Head of Department)
2016 Cross-generational analysis of predictive factors of addictive behavior in smartphone usage MA Blau, Maya Zhitomirsky-Geffet Maayan
2016 Does teacher communication and ICT tools supported cooperation reduces teacher burnout? MA Cohen, Pnina Adi Bergman Ofer
2016 Infornation behavior of religeous parents of chronically ill children MA Feldman, Devorah Bronstein Jenny
2016 Internet use and e-health literacy : an Israeli perspective on the vaccination dilemma MA Goldman, Romina Aharony Noa (Head of Department)
2016 Academic Information Behavior and the Role of the Academic Library: A Study of an Israeli University Ph.D Greenberg, Riki (Rivka) Bar-Ilan Judit
2016 The relationships between personality, perceptual, cognitive and technological variables and students' level of information literacy MA Gur Hadar, Hadass Aharony Noa (Head of Department)
2016 Ways to improve teaching and increase intrinsic motivation for learning Talmud in the religious public school system : ICT integration in teaching Talmud MA Koenigsberg, Eliezer Aharony Noa (Head of Department)
2016 Self-Monitoring & Evaluation and its Contribution to Organisational Learning: A Self-Monitoring & Evaluation Model for a Peacebuilding NGO MA Reggev, Maya Baruchson-Arbib Shifra
2016 Information Behaviors and Management of Wikipedians in the Context of Their Involvement with Hebrew Wikipedia Ph.D Shkolnisky, Yehudit Bar-Ilan Judit
2016 User Online Anonymity Awareness among Students MA Weinberger, Maor Zhitomirsky-Geffet Maayan
2016 Searching vs. navigating perference differences between mobile platforms and personal computers MA Yanai, Nimrod Bergman Ofer
2016 Examination of weak tie network theory in ulcerative Colitis and Crohn’s online communities MA Zigron, Shimrit Bronstein Jenny
2015 Gender and Internet among the Arab minority in Israel Ph.D Ahmad, Walid Baruchson-Arbib Shifra
2015 The information needs for adolescents awaiting enlistment into compulsory IDF service, as reflected in internet forums Ph.D Betzalel, Rakefet Shoham Snunith
2015 ‫The attitude of adolescents towards reading : the case of the Reali Hebrew School MA Buchbinder, Keren Baruchson-Arbib Shifra
2015 Bibliometric study of gerontology research field MA Gafni, Ayelet Ein-Ya Bar-Ilan Judit
2015 Between the cracks? - Examining the relationships between library staff, faculty and students and their effects on solving the information literacy problems of students today MA Yevelson, Anna Bronstein Jenny
2014 Professional information disclosure on social networks and their effectiveness for finding a job : the case of Facebook and LinkedIn in Israel MA Bratspiess, Yair Zhitomirsky-Geffet Maayan
2014 Information needs and information-seeking behavior of physicians : the users of the Alfred Goldschmidt Medical Sciences Library of Technion : case study MA Danilov, Alona Baruchson-Arbib Shifra
2014 Extracting sub-topics and re-ranking search engine’s query results using social bookmarking and social tagging systems MA Daya, Yossef Zhitomirsky-Geffet Maayan
2014 Old’nGrey - application for PIM in a situation of multiple versions : the influence of using the application on retrieving the last version MA Dvir, Noga Bergman Ofer
2014 Organizations’ evaluations for possible technological risks MA Freiman, Ori Baruchson-Arbib Shifra
2014 Relations between privacy behaviors and social capital on Facebook MA Gonen, Sivan Aharony Noa (Head of Department)